Costa Hall, Geelong (LIC/AA)

Ball Park Music

Costa Hall, Geelong, AU

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What do people imagine when they think of Ball Park Music?

Do they imagine five youngsters cruising top down in a blaze of glory through the guts of Brisbane's indie-pop-rock utopia? Do they imagine a planning meeting atop a pyramid of vintage amplifiers and festival ticket stubs? Maybe a wild and wondrous party serving custard-flavoured coke, raging proudly through the Valley and on into the night...?

Ball Park Music has spent twelve months sitting naked before a pedestal fan in a lucid, humid fantasy. Instead of chasing the bright lights and big dreams of the world’s major cities, the band decided to crank it in their own backyard and do their third record on their own.

Determined to leave their own print on their craft, they opted to record their new work themselves and rented a dirt-cheap property in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. Every day they endured the overwhelming heat of their 70s fibro shack, scooped the mud from the doorway, smashed in the broken door, cleaned away the rotten food and insects and recorded to the sweet backdrop of leaky taps, magpies and main roads. And somehow, it's worked.

After almost twelve months of recording in a proverbial sauna, the band appointed Grammy-nominated mixing engineer Tony Hoffer to help complete their hard work in the studio. It was a no brainer. The band believed that hiring Tony would be a treat after months of isolation and self-production. Hoffer's esteemed work with Beck, The Kooks, M83, Air, Belle and Sebastian and countless others was a tantalising prospect and has no doubt helped to enhance the eclectic, vibrant nature of the band's new material.

The new record is called 'Puddinghead'. They tell me a Puddinghead is a Shakespearean insult offered to someone who manages to fuck up even the most simplest of tasks. The band wanted to celebrate their underdog leanings and rejoice in the love, loss and banalities of suburban Australian life with all their fans (who, we're pretty sure, feel the same way).

'Puddinghead' debuted at #1 on the iTunes chart, #2 on the Australian ARIA chart, and was voted #2 top album of 2014 by Triple J listeners. The band have toured Australian arenas with Weezer, and continue to sell out headline shows and play outstanding performances at Australia's major festivals including Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival, Southbound, Homebake and Big Day Out. 'Puddinghead' will be released in UK/Europe in early 2015.

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